Israel – Where Breakthroughs Happen

Over the last two decades, Israel has become famous for its high-tech capacity, particularly in telecommunications, information technology, electronics and life sciences. Its capacity for innovation and highly-educated, skilled workforce has played a key role in its rating as a high-tech center next to Silicon Valley in California.
We have the world’s highest percentage of high-tech production relative to GDP, and the second-highest concentration of high-tech companies, behind only California’s Silicon Valley. The fact that Israel is the foreign country with the most companies listed on NASDAQ, the main stock exchange for technology companies, is testimony of its high-tech powers.
We are in almost every computer. Every 2nd computer worldwide uses MMX, Dothan or other Israeli developed Intel’s processors. Intel’s Centrino chip, a new-generation laptop chip, was developed in Intel’s branch in Qiriat Gat in Southern Israel.
The removable memory stick that has become so essential in our life was invented by M Systems, the pioneer and patented of the personal storage solutions revolution.
We connect people: 300 companies export: Fiber-optic, Intelligent Cabling Solutions, Access solutions, Home Networks, Storage Area Networks, IP networks (voice, video, data, multimedia), Wireless, satellites, Video Conferencing and Video Networks. Over 300 Start-Ups operate in this area and growing.
We cure people: 700 companies export: Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Health IT, and Gene Therapy. The Israeli medical industry is ranked 3rd worldwide in the number of granted patents per capita and 2nd in medical device solutions. The most fascinating fact is that 50% of involved firms were established in the past 6 years only. Every year 50-70 new companies join-in.
The Israeli company Given Imaging invented the PillCam™. A patented, single-use video color-imaging capsule, ingested, glide naturally through the digestive tract and gives easy diagnostic tool for thousands of people in more than 60 countries.
We feed people: 208 companies export: Computerized agriculture, top quality tools and devices, innovative watering systems, and more. Israel is a world leader in allocation of financial resources for R&D in Agro-tech. We export cutting edge, enviro-friendly, lowest chemical fruits and vegetables to the global market. 80% of flowers and seeds grown locally – exported abroad. We export safer Gene engineering crops, with better taste and less chemicals.
Netafim that owns a subsidiary in Cape Town pioneered drip irrigation technology in the 1960’s, and continues to lead the industry in top of the line equipments and services.
We protect the environment: 500 companies export: waste treatment technologies, solar power, toxic monitoring, water recycling and treatment. Close cooperation of industries and academic researchers resulted in cutting edge technologies for using the environment in a safer and harmonious way.
Ashkelon Desalination Plant that uses the Seawater Reverse Osmosis technology is the largest of its kind in the world. Launched in 2005, the Ashkelon plant will ultimately provide an annual 100 million m³ of water. Askelon plant is the first of a number of similar seawater desalination facilities planned in Israel.
We protect people: 450 companies export: security technologies and equipment: critical infrastructure protection, training and consultancy, aviation, maritime and public transportation, counter-terrorism, public Awareness & preparedness, IT Security & Anti-Fraud. Israel, with its extensive and growing experience, became an expert and a world leader in the homeland security market, reaching $3 billion export.

Representing the most advanced technological companies in various areas, the Trade and Economic office of Israel to South Africa is aimed to improve the trade relations between the countries. We see ourselves as the bridge between Israeli and South African companies. Even in today’s globalized world no vendor can operate without a local partner with a strong familiarity with the market. No local player can compete without access to the newest technologies. We come in between. The Trade and Economic office is a match maker of business opportunities. This news letter is aimed at exposing to you the very latest technological breakthroughs coming from Israel. We invite you to take part in the world of tomorrow.


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